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Owner,cat lover

Sue Bird

Sue is our newest team member, she replaces Emma who has gone on to continue her vet nurse studies.  Sue started with us just before Christmas and is a lovely person and a hard worker and best of all a cat nut like the rest of us.  The cats all love her and she has fitted in well with the Pussyfoot team of workers.  Welcome to the team Sue




About Us

The business has been operating since 2001, and is quite central for Havelock North , Hastings, Haumoana,Clifton,Te Awanga and even Napier and districts, its about fifteen minutes to Hastings , Havelock North and even less to the smaller districts i.e. Haumonana etc and its about five to ten minutes more to Napier. Give us a call before you go out for a Sunday or afternoon drive or bike ride and come and visit  and inspect the cattery, you are most welcomed.  I will even put the "jug" on for a cuppa!!

Its a great spot for the cats, as we don't board large yappie dogs Its a lovely peaceful area, no loud noises that you would get with city life and there is lots of native bird life, and all our feline guests can enjoy these sights from the comfort of their comfy cat baskets and chairs, ( please note the cats are not a threat to them ,the birds are all safe). The air is lovely and fresh and its not polluted with smoke and fumes from house chimneys, trucks, buses and cars.  The area has lovely scenery which  is pleasant for both animals and humans alike.The cattery has been designed with lots of space for air flow, the cats are not locked or confined into a small space at all here. After the daily routine of cleaning and feeding we do spend time with our cat clients, brushing and talking to them. I have many of my customers comment on how relaxed their cat/s are on  arriving home after a stay with us, that is what we like to hear, it means we are doing our job correctly and will always  continue to improve as new ideas come forward.  Now that winter is fast approaching we have a heat pump in the cattery, which is wonderful for those "frosty" mornings.

We provide good quality wet and dry foods, no rubbish is served up here, the litter trays are change on a regular basis and the same goes with bedding. All dorms and pens are washed and cleaned everyday.  If they are lucky they might even get a fresh bunny or two?? 

For sick and elderly cats we have an isolation area which is spacious quiet and very restful and peaceful and its right next to my office, so I can keep an eye on them.  We are able to medicate cats that are on vet prescribed medications. We have a Cattery Vet who can came at a moments notice should the need arise, and we will run cats into the vet should they need to well.

We provide a pick up and delivery services for a small fee and also we can provide a pick up and delivery service for cats who need a vet visit and whose owners are unable to drive or don't drive, also for a small fee, this is a new service that we are developing, and should anyone require a taxi type service to vets  please ring us and we will make arrangements.  Our phone number is 06-876 0404.

Cage Service

Cage Service is another service that we are providing, once again please ring us for details.


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