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Welcome to PussyFoot

We love cats and we will provide your cat/s with a loving, caring home  enviroment to have their holiday, while you enjoy yours.  It's our business to know what cats need and love and we know whats most important,  they need to relax in a place that is like home, so we always have plently of furniture (comfy) chairs etc and a modern heat pump for winter warmth. We have soothing and relaxing music playing in the back ground. My staff and myself interact with our feline guests as much as possible, to reassure them and gain their confidence and trust.  As far as I am concerned there is never a "bad", cat,  I have yet to meet one.

We are a friendly, experienced and professional company and  will ensure  that you are not stressed and anxious when organizing care for your cat/s.  We want you to enjoy your holidays,..knowing that your cat/s are well looked after in a stress free enviroment.                                                             

Our facilities have been well thought out just for cats.

 From time to time we will share some rather amusing cat quotes and cat stories.  Here are a few to go on with and we hope you will fine them funny as we did.

  • No matter how many cats fight, there always seems to be plently of kittens  - Abraham Lincoln
  • No heaven will ever be heaven unless my cats are there to welcome me   - unknown
  • There are many intelligent specices in the universe.  They are all owned by cats...(how true!!)   anonymous
  • Cats are smarter than dogs.  You can't get eight cats to pull a sled through snow, no matter how hard you try.  - Jeff Valdez

This one I really like

  • I got rid of my husband.  The cat was allergic.--unknown.....(HA!)

Your cat is sure to love us!




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