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One cat per day….$15.00 all food and bedding included
Two cats per day…$28.00 each all food etc included
Four cats or more to be negotiated all food etc included
Penioner rates $14.00 a day all food etc included
Long stays three weeks or more to be negotiated for one cat per day
For two cats to be negotiated per day

What sort of pen a cat has depends on the cat's personality. We have single cats pens for the nervous cats with outside access and double cat pens with access to the outside for two to three cats. 

There is also dorm situation where we have no more than ten cats to a dorm, they will free range in these dorms and that includes outside secure play areas.
We provide clean bedding with every cat and it is changed on a regular basis. 

We can administer medications i.e. pills, injection, drops etc, and we do provide this service and give medication as per the vets instructions. 



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